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Referral Program

Want to make some extra money this month! Staff Smart™ gladly welcomes referrals and we will pay you a generous pre-tax lump sum for referring a new candidate or a new employer to us!

To qualify for the referral bonus the following conditions must be met.

  1. You may refer as many employers and candidates as you like to the Referral Bonus Program (RBP).
  2. The referral notification must be received, in writing, before either a candidate starts work at a referred employer or an employer starts a candidate through Staff Smart™ Inc.
  3. You can not refer yourself and be eligible for the Referral Bonus
  4. A client company/employer must be a new company and/or client contact and not one that already exists in our database for the bonus to be awarded.
  5. A candidate must not exist in Staff Smart’s database for the bonus to be awarded.
  6. For employer referrals, the reward will be paid out upon the first successful placement with that referred employer. A successful placement requires that there be continuous employment for a minimum of 3 months (520 hours) before the Referral Bonus reward payment is made.
  7. Multiple placements of the same referred candidate or use of the same referred employer are not applicable to the RBP
  8. Staff Smart™ Inc reserves the right to cancel the Referral Bonus Plan at any time. Referrals submitted before the end date will still be paid.




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