Why Work With Smart Staff

Did you know that the demand for your services is at an all-time high? The IT industry boasts 2.3% unemployment rates. Everyone wants to hire someone with your skills and experience. More than ever, you have choices—including who to use as your recruiter.

Staff Smart, Inc is the kind of agency that serves candidates first

  • Our recruiters are veteran IT experts. Understanding your skills allows us to market you better.
  • Long-term relationships with our hiring managers. More trust in us means more leverage for you.
  • We listen to you. If relocating to another state is not an option, we won’t push the issue. Your needs are upheld and respected.
  • Quality opportunities at leading companies: Our inside track with companies gives you insight into open positions. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies and top brand app builders.

Now’s the time to join our league of developers, engineers,
project managers and IT professionals who:

  • Advanced their careers
  • Make more money
  • Improved their work/life balance

Start a conversation about your next career move today by applying for our jobs  or sending your resume to jobs@staffsmart.net

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“Staff Smart helped me immensely in my transition from one IT field to another. After getting my certification as a Salesforce Administrator, I was not getting the response I was hoping for via traditional "front door" methods. Staff Smart was able to get me in front of a potential employer for interviews, plus I received great tips and advice to ensure I was fully prepared going in. Very happy to say that I start my new role on Monday!”

– Ryan A. | Salesforce Administrator