Automation Taking Over, But Won’t Replace Human Touch


The debate between automation and human touch has been ongoing ever since the digital age has progressed. With automation dominating, people say it still can’t replace the human touch. Ponemon Institute surveyed 1,000 IT and security professionals and 51% said they believe automation will take over IT security jobs. On the other hand, 54% don’t think automation will replace the hands-on experience that robots lack. The increased popularity of AI has brought mixed opinions, with 40% of people saying AI lowers human error. But about 3 in 4 professionals who were polled said they believe automation can’t do what IT professionals can do. The concerns of job loss automation continue to grow along with the advancement of AI.

Automation is booming, but there is still a shortage of skilled cybersecurity specialists that would be needed for automation to further develop. Despite the employer’s efforts to increase cybersecurity roles, there is still a skills gap in that sector. According to a Deloitte report released in September, private and mid-market companies are still making investments in technology. A majority of respondents said the implementation of technology has changed their hiring strategies. Employers are not only changing the way they hire but they’re also upskilling their current workers to build the technical team that is needed.

Employers are also shifting their talent strategies to meet the increasing demand for automation. Results from a Robert Half survey revealed that almost all IT managers plan to hire interim professionals and assignments will now be more project-based. Employers were mostly on the hunt for experts and specialists in cloud computing, business intelligence, reporting services, software development, information technology, and database management.

The ongoing debate between automation and the human touch seems that it will continue as the presence of AI increases in businesses around the world. If you want to read more from the article, click here!


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