Thank you for your interest in Staff Smart, Inc., a national IT recruitment, consulting and talent management agency. I want to spend a moment telling you who we are. For clients, we are their trusted partner for retaining top IT professionals—we are the frontline team they’ve chosen to fight the war on talent. For candidates, we are their advisor on all things career, and at times, agents of change, a much-needed reality check, and the grammar police. Whatever it takes to bring the best together, we’ll be it.

Who else are we? We are Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. We hail from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the U.K. We identify as men, women and pup. Together, we are disrupting the IT staffing industry with a game-changing model.

Integrity. After several years at a Big Four Staffing agency, I said enough was enough.  The misrepresentation, recruiter harassment and churn and burn approach had become widespread in the industry, and at its worse, took advantage of the very people agencies were hired to help. I founded Staff Smart, Inc. in 2007 on the belief that clients and candidates deserved better. To this end, I have created a culture where we:

High-trust workplace. Technology is attracting talent over other industries because it’s built on a new wave of thinking. You will find we operate the way the best technology workplaces operate: be inclusive, extremely agile and trusting. High skills call for high trust.

People First.  Because we like them. We do IT recruitment, consulting and staffing, which ultimately means, we’re in the people business. We use technology as a tool for getting to people, not as a tool to bypass them altogether.

Our candidates and clients love us. To experience the difference that we make, let’s connect here.


Christine Hoffman-Hicks
President and CEO

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"Staff Smart has delivered results that go beyond. As an Account Executive, Christine has gotten to know our brand and provide candidates that not only meet our skills set requirements but also our culture. Communication, organization, and timing are among her strengths and her services are among those that are hard to find!"

– Kyla H. | Director of Talent